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Myrtle Beach Hotel Packages

By Beach Colony

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is a coastal resort city situated in the metropolitan area of Myrtle Beach and Little River, with amazing scenery and breathtaking views. The region is famous world-wide for its lush greenery, classic golf courses, soft sands and cross-cultural environment. Situated on an island with the Atlantic Ocean on the east, it is a popular tourist destination and is a holiday abode of almost 13 million people every year. With several entertainment parks, cruises and water sports, Myrtle Beach has an endless flow of tourist attractions, thus emerging as a top hot-spot for travelers in the South-east. Clearly, the area has some of the best hotels, spas, lounges and resorts to choose from for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. The region has the best to offer for people from all classes with a vast variety of Myrtle Beach hotel packages. There are several hotels and motels situated in the area, thriving on the flourishing tourism industry there. There are several 5 star hotels and international venues with exquisite facilities and various activities. The hottest deals can be best grabbed online by planning a vacation well in advance during the summer. Usually, most hotels in the region offer a summer discount of up to 30%. The top-class hotels offer facilities like television, internet connectivity, fitness gyms, children’s summer activity programs, golf courses, and on-site dining. Some luxury hotels offer customers unique schemes to help save on accommodation. Guests arriving on Sunday or Monday for  the week or guests intending to stay for 4 nights or longer are offered discounts up to 25% in some hotels. Other attractive packages offer plans such as offering free stay for 2 days in a week-long vacation, or a 1 day free stay for staying up to 4 days. Encouraging a longer stay helps hotels make up for the off-season meltdown. Deluxe hotels charge up to $150 per day for classic suites with a complementary buffet breakfast. Guests can choose from 1, 2, or 3 bedroom condominiums, some of which are equipped with well-furnished kitchens and balconies with a fabulous view of the sparkling ocean and the blue skies. However, in case of discounts in the off-season, the prices may fall down to $70 per night for the best facilities and a luxurious stay in town. With boutiques, specialty stores, and famous restaurants, luxury hotels in Myrtle beaches are a class apart. For those with a planned and limited budget, certain Myrtle Beach hotel packages offer simple facilities without compromising on quality or comfort of the guests. The cheapest standard rates start from $19 per day for a basic room with a bathroom, telephone and room service. Usually located in the internal regions of town, these motels are affordable and comfortable, ideal for a shoe-string budget. Most of them are located near restaurants and nightclubs, offering easy access to entertainment and glamour for a complete vacation. It is best to surf the web for the best deals on Myrtle Beach hotel packages in order to keep track of discounts. This helps in planning the stay well in advance, besides effectively cutting down expenditu

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